In laser cutting a thin beam of laser is used in order to heat the material until it melts or evaporates. Progatec have chosen a Fibre laser which means an extremely small dot size and an incredible speed (up to 140 m/min) when used on thinner metal sheets.

The tolerances withstand a thorough inspection. With a resolution of 0,001 mm, positioning of 0,03 mm and a repeatability of 0,03 mm we know that you will get exactly what you order.

A few examples of the materials we handle is provided below.

S240 (Plain steel): 0,7 – 20mm

EN1.4301 (Stainless): 0,5 – 12mm

EN1.4404 (Acid proof): 0,5 – 12mm

EN AW-5754 (Aluminium): 1 – 8mm

CW024A (Copper): 0,5 – 8mm

CW508L (Brass): 0,5 – 8mm

If you don’t have finished drawings of what need we can also assist you with both design and CAD-knowledge to your project.

The standard turn-around time for an order is 5 working days, dependent on the chosen material. Faster deliveries are not impossible, contact us for details!