Facts galvanizing

Heat Galvanizing is a superior method for protecting steel from corrosion. The material becomes maintenance free and gets a very long life span. Heat Galvanizing is a relatively cheap method and gives only minimal maintenance costs. Heat Galvanizing has a very wide area of application. Fore example, the high Power Line Pylons in our surroundings are heat galvanized. Also, this goes for road rails, building constructions, phone cabinets, car pars, etc. Smaller details like fences, bars, nails, screws and nuts, can also be heat galvanized to get a longer life-span.

For all situations concerning problem free maintenance and long life-span, even during rough conditions, heat galvanization is the solution. The process of heat galvanizing is simply described as one pre-treatment process and one zinc-treatment process. The goods being galvanized should always be pre-treated so that the surfaces are clean before starting the zinc-process. Pre-treatment is made through a series of different baths. De-greasing to remove dirt and grazing to remove oxides (rust etc). Between these baths the products are rinsed with water.

After pre-treating the goods, it is sent to a flux bath. After fluxing and drying the flux layer, the goods is dipped into the zinc-melt. The flux ensures a good adhesion between the goods and the zinc-coating.

In the PROGATEC Hot Galvanizing Plants, this entire process is made automatically through an advanced controlsystem that uses transporters to carry the goods through the entire galvanizing process. Click on the different links to the left to find more information about the different plants developed and made by Progatec.