Lego Manufacturing

Progatec AB is a modern engineering company with facilities located in Norrköping. We work primarily with the development, manufacture and installation of fully automatic varmförzinkningsanläggningar. In our workshop we also subcontract work in metal cutting, sheet metal and welding and water jet cutting.

We also have a design department dealing mainly with their own projects but that can also undertake assignments in Mechanical / Electrical engineering and PLC programming.

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet is a manufacturing method in which water at high pressure (3000-4000 bar) and abrasive (sand) is concentrated to a thin beam for cutting various types of materials. Water cutting machine uses a coordinate-controlled system and thus provides a number of design and production advantages when you can cut virtually any shapes.

We are able to cut most materials with a thickness of 0.1-100mm. Certain materials up to 300mm. Our machinery is performed today mostly subcontract work, but also a large part of our own manufacture.

Surface Treatment Plant

Progatec AB’s goal is to ensure your customer’s specific conditions and find a solution to your specific finishing problems.
We have years of experience in the design and production of systems for different types of surface treatment.

Our primary focus is towards galvanizing and applications in this area, but we can also offer both manual and automated solutions to fit most other surface treatment methods – and also to preparation and transportation for them.

Laser cutting

In laser cutting a thin beam of laser is used in order to heat the material until it melts or evaporates. Progatec have chosen a Fibre laser which means an extremely small dot size and an incredible speed (up to 140 m/min) when used on thinner metal sheets.