Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting is a manufacturing method using high pressure water (3000-4000 bar) and an abrasive (sand) that is concentrated to a thin beam in order to cut different sorts of materials. The Waterjet Cutting Machine works with a coordinated control system, thus giving several design and production advantages as it is possible to cut pretty much any forms and shapes.

We can cut most materials in thicknesses 0,1-100mm. Some materials all the way to 300mm thickness.

Today, our machine is mainly used for lego production, but it is also used for a major part of our own production.

The machine is equipped with a sort of new-developed cutting heads that provides a very good cut, even att high speeds. We can offer cutting with two abrasive cutting heads and thereby reduce the price per part, compared to only one cutting head, for orders of multiple similar parts.

Our design departement has over 20 years of experience of waterjet cutting and can, if necessary, help to adapt your designs to fit this manufacturing method.
Most of the time this means that lots of time is saved, giving echonomical advantages compared to conventional manufacturing methods.