Automatic Hot-dip galvanizing, Type Hanging Goods

The plant is designed from a known concept including pre-treatment, drying and hot-dip galvanizing in a fully automatic plant. A free-programmed computer system controls the entire process and each rack in each program step is controlled individually. This also applies to all zinc parameters, bath temperatures, delay times, lifting speeds, etc., something that secures highest possible galvanizing quality as well as control of the coat thickness. The zinc pot is equipped with a patented system for automatic skimming of the zinc surface. This gives the advantage of automatic handling of all goods in all steps of the process, securing a high and even quality. The off- and on-loading stations are shaped from the specific needs of the user. An integrated buffer secures production without interruptions.

All processing tubs except the rinse tub are equipped with automatic lids and the transporters moving the goods have ventilation hoods. Tubs and transporters are connected to an effective ventilation system with scrubber. This system contains all emissions, also while moving a rack, so that they are not spread out into the premises. This means that there is no chemical impact to personnel, building or machinery. Before dipping into the zinc, the goods is completely dry and pre-heated, making it possible to sink quickly. This gives the same galvanizing time to the entire part, hence the same zinc layer thickness.

The emission from the zinc bath is also completely contained and ventilated through a filter to protect both inner and outer environment. Vibrators with frequency converters improves the zinc drip away and minimizes the costs for post-treatment of the parts. The zinc pot can be made of steel or ceramics and can have heating through gas or electricity (though the skimming system cannot be used in a ceramic pot). The system has proven ability to meet high demands of galvanization quality and is, among others, used for production in the car industry.