Galvanic Surface Treatment, Type Hanging Goods

Electrolythic surface treatment of parts that must be fixed to a hanging device is made to achieve a decorative coating but also to give a modified technical attribute to the product surface.

The most well-known decorative surface treatment method is Nickel + Chrome. This method is normally used for example for plumbing armature and decorative elements for the automotive industry. The method can be applied to metallic materials, but also to a special pre-treatment of certain plastic materials.

Electrical zinc treatment and hard chrome treatment are examples of electrolythical methods used primarily for the technical attributes, corrosion protection and durability. Electrical zinc treatment and the associated passivation methods have, during the last two decades, evolved vigorously as sixworthy chrome has been replaced by other, more environmentally friendly, methods and zinc plating with different alloy metals has progressed.

PROGATEC engineers have long-time experience of individually projected surface treatment plants for most of the existing electrolythical and chemical surface treatment methods.

Chemical surface treatment lines has a relatively equal construction, examples being chemical nickel plating and phosphating methods. Plant types for which PROGATEC holds long experience and competence.

Our plants are distinguished by:
– Our normal solution of adding the PROGAVENT ™-ventilation system, improving the work environment, reducing the extracted air volume and lowers the cost for heating the surface treatment facility.
– Our surface treatment plants are controlled by the PROCON system. This is a world renounced control system for surface treatment, where PROGATEC has been part of the development for more than 25 years.
– The PROGATEC plants for electrolythical and chemical surface treatment are far more pre-assembled in our own workshop before delivery compared to the business standards. This secures a competitive price for turn-key delivery, short end-installation time, as well as a very good control of the functionality and quality of the product.