Our company

PROGATEC AB represents 30 years of experience in developing and manufacturing automatic surface treatment plants
for hot-dip galvanization, electric galvanization, phosphating, croming, etc. to industrial companies in
both Sweden and international countries.

The technology has been continuously developed by PROGATEC and is now used for our fully automatic
hot-dip galvanization plants. They are made in two different versions – one for hanging goods and one for goods
being transported in baskets. The plant is controlled by a fully automatic, computer controlled, system that is
very flexible and can be adapted entirely to the production needs in order to get the best possible quality and capacity.

Combined with a high quality pre-treatment process, these hot-dip galvanization plants produces a very good result
of high quality and repeatability.

In order to minimize the environmental effects of the hot-dip galvanization plant, PROGATEC can integrate filters for
zinc dust and flux emission, as well as systems for water cleaning, heat recycling and ventilation in the plant.

Among others, BMW and Renault has bought PROGATEC hot-dip galvanization plants in order to zinc plate the frame-work
of their cars.

Developing and manufacturing the hot-dip galvanization plants have provided PROGATEC with very good knowledge of
mechanical design, sheet metal production and PLC programming. Our workshop makes a lot of work in these areas.