Automatic Fluxing, Type K2

PROGATEC has developed our own system for fluxing small goods before hot-dip galvanizing, called the PROGAFLUX. The system is based on:

  • The goods is dosed in a centrifuge basket after pre-treatment
  • A first centrifugation is made before fluxing, in order to remove f.ex. rinse water from the pre-treatment and not to dilute the flux. F.ex. nails can contain a lot of capillar water
  • The basket is dipped in the flux, holding about 60 degrees
  • Right after fluxing, the basket is centrifuged above the bath, letting the excess return to the bath
  • The goods is emptied to f.ex. a vibration chute

Advantages of the PROGAFLUX:

  • Goods with high water-content from the pre-treatment does not dilute the flux
  • During centrifugation the excess flux returns to the bath
  • The goods dries so quickly that you can hot-galvanize it without separate drying