Manual Galvanizing, Type K2

The K2 centrifuge can be used as a single unit for temporary centrifugation in a common zinc pot.

Spinning takes place above the the zinc surface and starts immediately after the basket has left the zinc. As there is no basket cooling time prior to spinning, excellent spinning quality is achieved even at normal galvanizing temperatures (460°C or 860°F).

Even larger details can be galvanized through centrifugation with less need of cleaning after the galvanization. Remote control makes it possible to use this for all kinds of zinc pot installations.

The K2 centrifuge is suspended from two points so that the torque reaction forces are force self-contained. Suspension means that there is no vibration as with a stationary centrifuge with fixed axis of rotation. The centrifuge basket is self- centered with its axis of rotation at the center of gravity of the basket.

It is possible to get the unit with an electric motor and frequency regulated revolution speed, or with a pneumatic engine and revolution adjustment through a valve.

Two units can be arranged as a tandem unit to increase production volumes. Baskets of different makes can be used depending on application and requests. The basket can, for example, be top loaded and bottom emptied, or made for quick change to a basket filled with new goods.

Special baskets for vertical centrifugation of pipes or bars (for example threaded bars) can also be used.

The baskets are made of stainless steel AISI type 316L or 312L and Armco steel (kettle steel). The maximum basket load is 170 kg.