PROCON is an advanced control program for surface treatment plants.

This is a completely free programmable control program giving the customer the opportunity to mix both different types of goods and different processes in the same plant.

Advantages of PROCON:

  • PROCON is a Windows-based control system
  • All sorts of plants use the same PROCON program
  • New program versions are reverse compatible
  • PROCON is an open control system allowing different types of hardware for control and supervision to be connected
  • Several PROCON computers (Input/output terminals, report or control computers) can be connected for information exchange through the network
  • The PROCON PC gets surrounding status and gives orders to the devices PLCs, performing and signing control orders
  • The process for different articles/details are freely defined in different, unique recipes
  • Recipes and statistics are stored in a database
  • PROCON holds a large amount of advanced functions
  • PROCON can be run in simulation mode, without any connected PLC system
  • PROCON dynamically handles language changes
  • PROCON admits mixture and optimized buffering with retained high productivity